How It Works

Here’s a guide to our process and what to expect before you launch your campaign on FundBLACKFounders.

1. Take our free Crowdfunding Fundamentals webinar.
Our free crowdfunding fundamentals webinar lays the foundation for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Check it out here.

2. Create an account and start a campaign
Create your fundBlackfounders account and begin filling out the information for your campaign.

3. Submit your campaign
After you submit your campaign, the team at fundBlackfounders will review your campaign before approving it to go live.

4. Get feedback on your campaign.
After review, a member of the fundBlackfounders team will provide you with feedback to help strengthen your campaign.

5. Update your campaign
Update your campaign with the feedback provided to you by the FundBLACKFounders team.

6. Final approval to launch
After making the updates resubmit your campaign, go live, and get your campaign funded!  To ensure the integrity of fundBlackfounders, some campaigns may not be approved to launch.

Need More Help ? Check out our additional support services below.