An exclusive platform providing support and resources for athletes in low-income communities

Maiya February 17, 2020 at 8:15 pm
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Duffle’s mission is to provide support and resources for athletes in low-income communities.


The stories are all the same. Maiya always knew that she wanted to make an impact in her community, whether directly or indirectly. As a collegiate athlete, however, she encountered several problems and had to find a solution. Therefore, she founded Duffle, LLC. to provide support and resources for athletes in low-income communities.


Duffle is a social enterprise that acts as a market linkage between businesses and the local community.  We create the most effective strategy for your company to give back which improves brand visibility at a grassroots level.


It’s very difficult for any startup to get funded. This is why Duffle decided to launch our rewards-based crowdfunding campaign through FundBlackFounders this February.

Duffle’s fundraising goal for this rewards-based campaign is $5,000. We will use these funds primarily for software development, marketing, and inventory. Exclusive merchandise, perks, and rewards will be available for those who contribute to our campaign.

Duffle needs the help of our friends, family, and supporters to reach our fundraising goal. It doesn’t stop once you contribute to our campaign, Duffle is a community of individuals that want to see each other succeed. We will continue to go through this journey together and we hope to make a lasting mark within the sports industry.

Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Maiya Newton and I am happy to introduce to you, Duffle.

I have pursued several entrepreneurial ventures and I currently serve as a Business Analyst.  I was born in Riverdale, Georgia and later moved to Covington, Georgia where I graduated from Newton High School. I am alumna of Georgia State University where I double-majored in Computer Information Systems [with a focus in Cyber Security] and Managerial Sciences.

I am a former collegiate athlete [track and field,cross country] and I also chartered the Georgia State Chapter of Pretty Girls Sweat.  I became a participant of the first Nike Future Varsity Program cohort which helped propel my business, Duffle. Duffle,LLC. was founded in 2019 to be able to impact my community and provide support and resources for athletes in low-income communities.

Thanks  in advance for your support and sharing.

Maiya Newton

Founder, Duffle

Thank you for your contribution!


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