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1st Black-Owned / Queer Woman-Owned Biotherapeutic Medicine Manufacturer

Tia Lyles-Williams January 8, 2020 at 1:24 pm
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LucasPye BIO is a medicine manufacture, and our role is to make biotherapeutic drugs for other companies. Biotherapeutic Drugs are intravenous drugs that are/will be utilized to treat:

  • COVID-19
  • Lupus
  • Cancer
  • HIV

…and many more viruses and diseases that currently plague and/or will plague the future Human Race.

Our Mission is to:

  • Lower the Costs for Biotherapeutic Drugs
  • Accelerate New Biotherapeutic Drugs to Market
  • Provide High-Quality Employment Opportunities for Underserve Communities

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not only causing an extreme economic downturn for the global market; but, it will severely impact our healthcare system in the U.S. and around the globe. This pandemic will require “All Hands On Deck” in order for us to survive and be victorious as a Human Race.

At LucasPye BIO, we want to ramp-up our fundraising efforts in order to actively join the war against COVID-19. To be specific, we would like to accelerate the timeline required to build our 60,000 square foot facility in order to manufacture biotherapeutic drugs that:

  • Treat Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Treat the General Public to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Click HERE to Take a Virtual Tour of our Facility!

Currently, we are fundraising $45K in partnership with FundBlackFounders. FundBlackFounders coach minority founders like myself; and, provide us the fundamentals to crowdfund for financial support to grow/scale our companies, i.e. LucasPye BIO.

Your financial contributions will be utilized to:

  1. Secure our Commercial Real Estate Property Bid in/near Philadelphia, PA
  2. Secure Three(3) Contracts with partners who are currently developing COVID-19 Therapies and Vaccines
  3. Recruit & Hire Bio-manufacturing Operators to work at our Facility

In exchange for your financial contributions, we are offering several LucasPye BIO branded apparel and accessories. These items include USB Wristbands, “Dad” Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Commemorative Plaques. The rewards, and their respective contribution levels, are presented in the top-right corner on this page.

We greatly appreciate your support to help LucasPye BIO reach its goals. With your contributions, we’ll be able to  join the fight against COVID-19, and help:  

  • Cost-Effectively Manufacture the future COVID-19 Treatment and/or Vaccine
  • Accelerate the future COVID-19 Treatment and/or Vaccine into the Global Commercial Market
  • Provide High-Quality / High-Paying Jobs w/ Full Benefits to Underserve Communities

Thank You!

2 thoughts on “LucasPye BIO

  1. Tia Lyles-Williams

    Thank You Everyone for you Support this far! We greatly appreciate it.

    Please feel free to forward the link to this site to help support our goal of raising $45K.

    #LetsMakeHistory #BlackHistoryMonth

  2. Tia Lyles-Williams

    Thank you everyone for your continued support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We know that these are unprecedented times; and, that’s precisely why we’re confident in your capabilities to help us join the FIGHT against COVID-19. Accelerating LucasPye BIO to market will help put the COVID-19 Therapies & Vaccines into patients hands const-effectively & faster.

    For those of you holding out until we initiate an “equity-based” crowdfund, we greatly appreciate your loyalty & patience. However, we must successfully complete our “reward-based” crowdfund in order to qualify for a partnership with an Equity Crowdfund Hosting Team, i.e. WeFunder or Republic; and financially be able to pay the required legal/registration fees, i.e. $10K – $25K.

    Therefore, in the meantime, we ask that you contribute a minimum of $25 or More to help us cross the finish-line in preparation for our future “equity-based” crowdfunding campaign.

    Please continue to spread the word about LucasPye BIO’s crowdfund campaign, and if you haven’t already, submit your contribution of $25 or More TODAY!

    Thank You for Your Support!


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