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Anthony June 15, 2020 at 11:16 pm
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Our mission is to provide a boutique entertainment experience connecting the communities we serve.

Movies spark curiosity and stir emotions (THE BANKER, 2020). They make us laugh & they make us cry (US, 2019)They shift perspectives, activate feelings so we stand up & change the world for the better (HARRIETT, 2019)

In 2018 we took an old 1938 art deco theater in Pikesville, MD and nervously opened our doors to the community in early 2019. Our community of over 10k followers in less than a year has helped our independent boutique minority-owned theater in Baltimore County MD gain national traction.  It is because of you we have been able to continue to build strong partnerships with studios and show movies like Harriet, THE BANKER, US, Black and Blue, 21 Bridges, and Queen and Slim, ALL having SOLD OUT SHOWINGS for multiple weekends!  

Harriett was our #1 movie in 2019 even beating out AVENGERS: ENDGAME

We are a Black-owned movie theater and we believe that we need to be radical, educate, and bring communities together through the power of cinema and entertainment. 

We believe that Next Act can be a catalyst for change in how our HISTORY is shared with our communities.  We also believe our stories matter and want to use our cinema to be a lighthouse to share the message for those artists who create fearlessly from behind the lens and from the director’s chair.

We simply need your help.  Many of you have called, sent letters, written emails on how you can contribute and we are so humbled to know Next Act has created a lasting memory in your hearts.  We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to get through an industry-wide shut down because revenues have completely been shut off because of COVID-19.  Blockbuster movies have been delayed for later in the summer.  In addition, we have been delayed to a later phase in the opening of Maryland businesses.  Our community deserves to have an entertainment platform and space that will show movies that tell ALL stories.  We now must shift our efforts and come out of this so we can continue to build out our vision to create a multi-attraction entertainment destination. We must continue to grow and provide our unique boutique entertainment experience for everyone.

What will funds be used for

We always planned for Next Act Cinema to be more than just a theater.  We provide a community space that’s safe, clean, and includes live entertainment.  We will be acquiring new movie lighting and video equipment, like amps and receivers for live and streaming performers like comedians and magicians, theater podcasts on community issues, adult bingo nights, upgrade the website, contactless payments, new sanitation upgrades for the new restrictions (4 new medical-grade air purifiers)  replacing lost inventory during Covid-19.

It is because of all of you that drives us to fulfill the vision to make Next Act one of the premier entertainment destinations within the Baltimore community.  It is also because of you Next Act has had such an amazing first year.

The Team

This should go above the Hi! I am Anthony etc etc.....

Hi! We are Anthony Fykes and Robert Wright co-founders of Next Act Entertainment, Inc.  The picture to your left is us a little happier, notably thinner lol but reasonably content considering the risk we took to open a theater of our own in a competitive market.  We believe it’s hard for people to aspire to something they have not been exposed to so we were inspired to remodel and open an abandoned historic movie theater in the small but loyal community of Pikesville within Baltimore County MD.  So, this is where you all come in. 

We will be here READY TO WORK. So, please (grovel), please (pitiful face emoji), please (we ain’t to proud to beg) when the state is open again come see us and give us something to do so we can emerge from all of this as survivors.  We will be masked, gloved, and healthy.  Ready to take temperatures at the door, invested in medical-grade air purifiers, have hand sanitizers and keep our distance.

As businesses start to open back up we ask that you share Next Act Cinema with your friends and family, church family, fraternity and sorority, school, radio station, the community gossiper whomever you believe may enjoy a delicious meal, signature cocktails, book clubs, business clients, a community talk, karaoke, school rental, live jazz events, and themed movie party and event rental.

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