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Miles Henderson June 22, 2020 at 10:07 pm
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I’m Miles Henderson the Founder of True Culture University a Pan-African Platform that publishes Black student created content from all over the world.  We gave students an opportunity to showcase what it means to be Black in their REALITY.  What we’ve found is that the solutions to our collective problems lie in our connectivity. Furthermore the development of our own networks, institutions, and platforms in which students can build with one another is paramount for our collective growth.

We are developing a new tool, as we speak-  P O R T A L.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if all Black college students in the world had a common platform they could all connect?

 This reality is the reality that P O R T A L dares to create. Through technology designed for connectivity, we can foster a reality in which Black is the new normal.

Black students all over the world will have the opportunity to engage meaningfully through contextualized conversation with one another, grounding Black students globally when it comes to discussion of issues pertaining to the Black race and cultural development.

We can turn no blind eye to the power this technology has to connect us. We must be ready to utilize technology in a way that strategically advances our efforts toward Pan-African connection. The rate at which technology has accelerated cannot be disputed.

We are currently raising funds to complete the development of P O R T A L this summer, in preparation for Beta testing throughout this upcoming Fall semester.

We are calling on all individuals, organizations and small groups who are willing to support the next generation of Black college students to help us create the reality we all want to see.

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