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Our Mission

The Beauty Mage’s mission is to unravel the craft of caring for self from the soul outward.  By creating mindful rituals around your daily self care routines, we aid in reducing your stress and anxiety.  Using the divine direction of the universe, we formulate products, education, and events intended to remind your body of its natural healing powers.  Our beauty treatments enhance and align your chakras allowing you to face the world empowered, with your EYES WIDE open.

The industry is saturated with options, so we opted to elevate and innovate. The Beauty Mage creates a safe space for the exponential growth of internal energies while simultaneously investing in the external visage.   We believe in the interconnectedness theory of the universe and the imperative to achieve beauty from the inside out.

The Beauty Mage coined the term ‘whole beauty’ in order to convey to clients the sense that we see them as whole and complete beings, not just as the parts of their body that we tend to. You are more than your eyes, or your face, or your body. You are a mind, a soul, and body united as one. So we administer to you as a whole in an attempt to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that modern life entails. We believe that when our clients learn to turn their daily routines into spiritual experiences, their lives will improve. Our ultimate goal is to create experiences that will make those spiritual routines easier to accomplish. And we believe we’ll do this better than anyone else because as of right now, no one else is doing it!

Our Why?

The average American has roughly 5 hours of free time per week. This overall lack of free time to complete routine tasks effectively, spend time with loved ones, or engage in practices that bring joy is also leading to an overwhelming rise in stress and anxiety levels.  Add to this the constant barrage of the negative 24-hour news cycle and the amount of screen time on social media reinforcing unhealthy ideals and you have a powder keg waiting. I took a look at this through the eyes of my clientele and realized that there was a deeper need for all practitioners to treat clients from a more ‘whole-istic’ model.

If in this person’s 5 hours of free time they choose to get a pedicure or facial over going to a mental health therapist then perhaps there’s a chance for the facialist to administer some therapy tools that their client might find helpful for coping with daily life. The simple reality for most beauty professionals is that we see our clients regularly and know the deep, dark truths that they may or may not share with their friends and family. So as a lash artist, I choose to create a service that combines mental health and wellness tools along with my beautification services. Ultimately my goal at the end of any appointment is to help my client leave FEELING better than when we started, not just LOOKING better.

The Beauty Mage is bridging the gaps between different healing modalities that will aid clients in living healthier lives. There is a pervasive belief that western medicine must be diametrically opposed to eastern practices, that spirituality is somehow undercut by beauty and commodity, and that in order for a person to truly be healthy or righteous they must forego any outward enhancements or embellishments. At the Beauty Mage, we know these beliefs to simply be untrue. This false ideal is what led me to start using the term ‘whole beauty’. In the same way that homeopaths examine the whole of a person’s life to treat them effectively, I use my gifts of intuition and my knowledge of witchcraft and holistic therapies to heal my clients WHILE they indulge in beautification rituals.

Our How?

There’s a wealth of mindful practices aimed at decreasing anxiety in the body that don’t require any level of mastery on the part of the user.  So I decided to incorporate some of these practices into the master service we call the Transcendental Beauty service. The Transcendental Beauty Service is a 10-step chakra balancing process that includes talk/listening therapy, an aura cleansing, aromatherapy, sound therapy using both tuning forks and singing bowls, light therapy, a reiki session, a full luxury beauty service like eyelash extensions, a tarot reading, candle magick, and a formulation of a ritual kit to take home and complete with the next corresponding moon.

While the Transcendental Beauty service is meant to be transformative, it is a large-scale service that takes around 3 hours to complete.  It is meant to be a treatment that a client may choose to indulge in seasonally or a few times a year as they grow to new points of transition in their spirituality and mental health.  Keeping the essence of time in mind, we began developing shorter add-on services focused on bringing about the same kind of transcendence to specific parts of the body.

The first of those services is called Coronation.  Coronation is a ritual cleansing of your crown chakra designed to help you experience a rebirth of glow. It is a 30-minute treatment aimed to clear muddled energy around your crown and third eye. With a combination of cleaning the face, charging with crystal therapy, reiki, and sound therapy, you will leave rejuvenated and ready to reign supreme.  Our next service of this kind will be called the Oracle treatment and will focus on removing blockages to your third eye and throat chakras to aid clients in speaking the truth, heightening intuitive connections, and providing clarity and discernment.

Part of the reason we are raising funds here through FundBlackFounders is to aid in bringing our newest ideas to fruition.  Our next steps will include developing products to help clients turn everyday tasks into ritualized spiritual experiences that will expand their ability to connect within and thus improve their interactions without.   Ritual tools will include room & body sprays, floral smudge wands, altar kits, herbal tonic baths, and herbal burning & smoking blends.

Additionally, The Beauty Mage has developed a workshop series aimed at educating clients and providing opportunities to expand knowledge of ancient, indigenous cultures and wellness ceremonies.  Furthermore, we will be launching a monthly membership platform hosted by Patreon called The Sekhmet Society doling out regular bi-weekly tools to help the community reach a more mindful wholeness in their existing free time.  Educational videos will cover a range of beauty, wellness, and spiritual topics and will be accompanied by practical guides that each user can follow.  Sekhmet Society will be an online community centered on administering modern tools for wellness and balance including guided meditations, musical playlists and sonic therapy, coloring prompts, group mentoring/coaching, lunar and solar rituals, a book club, and much more.

Our Team

The Beauty Mage is led by its founder Taryn Dean, a Los Angeles native with a penchant for creative design and wellness.

I often tell people that I didn’t form The Beauty Mage by choice.  I was pushed to develop this business as a result of the work I was doing with my clients.  Their needs were being presented to me on a monthly basis, as I would see them. When I’m considering the culture of the brand I’m building, I wanted to make sure that The Beauty Mage deeply reflected myself and the lifestyle of women like me because we don’t tend to be centric to the representation in the wellness space.

After spending a decade connecting with my creative mind in a career in the fashion industry, I realized that I wasn’t happy.  I had worked 7 days a week for almost 6 years at that point and, other than exhaustion, I didn’t have much to show for it. Through a chance conversation with a friend, I decided to redirect my career to the beauty industry.  At the time, eyelash extensions were gaining popularity in Los Angeles and I jumped into training headfirst. Within a month of that conversation, I was taking my first eyelash extension clients.

In beauty, I found that I was able to find the same creative outlet and job fulfillment I had longed for in fashion.  Not only that, I was able to have part of my life back. My career in beauty allowed me to go from working 7 days a week to 4 days a week, all while making double or more money than I was making before.  That freedom allowed me to explore my own spiritual growth and expansion.

At the time, I was just coming to my power as a witch and exploring a new world of spiritual teachings and rituals.  Armed with the health and wellness routines imparted to me by my grandmother, I set out on a path I never imagined for myself.  Ever the inquisitive mind, the need for knowing led me to try energy work, hypnotherapy, vaginal steaming, sound therapy, light therapy, and a host of other modalities. I believe wholeheartedly in offering access to alternative medicines and the body’s natural healing abilities and exposing curtained communities to those healing methods.

My work is meant to empower and encourage you to create clear boundaries so that you can meet the world with the full force of holy energy that your ancestors fought so hard to give you.  I want to crack your eyes wide open, fill you up, sprinkle you in magic and send you out into the world as the royal warrior I see in you.

I recognize that the luxury nature of my products and services lends to a narrow group of clientele that will be able to indulge in these experiences. Therefore, built in to each event and workshop series that we will host this year is an element of charity and outreach. I know that I didn’t make it this far on my own. I plan to make sure that upon my ascension I bring others up with me so that we can all be free.

The Beauty Mage is a culmination of varied experiences and adversity. I not only survive, I thrive. I have survived sexual assault, severe anxiety and depression, the loss of close family members including my father and grandmother in the same year, and a close scare with cancer that was corrected through surgery.  I came out on the other side of each experience, perhaps a bit worse for the wear, but also stronger, more resilient and more persistent. It is because of the adversities that I’ve faced in life that my natural intuitive senses were heightened. I use my intuition to hear, see, and make suggestions to others about how to deal with their pain.  Coupling that therapeutic healing talent with my talents for beautification and style makes for the perfect combination of gifts to round out my ‘whole-istic’ beauty treatments.


“Let me just say how much I adore this woman.  She keeps my lashes together and my sanity intact.  Not only is she amazing at what she does, she’s an awesome person.  I’ve been a client for over a year, and I don’t plan on stopping. The best part for me is I feel like a VIP every time.  I’m given notice when she’s going out of town, and works with me when I’m last minute. I could go on and on, however when you find a professional who has a vast knowledge of what she does, and a love for it….hell you write about it.”

~ Lecoya L.

“If you just want gorgeous lashes, book w Taryn!

If you want a peaceful, restorative, uplifting soul experience, Taryn is the Divine woman for you.”

~ Sascha R.

“Taryn is an absolute treasure! Not only does she do an incredible job designing my lashes to look glam while also natural (seriously they look so fabulous I never have to wear makeup anymore), she is also just a wonderful person. She has a generous and healing presence that always makes me feel so at home while she works. She is simply the best, and I would recommend her to anyone on the east side looking to get their lashes done!”

~ Sarah S.

“I have eyebrows and I am completely overjoyed! Taryn recently added microblading to her services and as a long-time sufferer of having no brows I jumped at the chance to go for it.

As with anything where you are purposely putting needles into your skin, it is never going to be a walk in the park. Somehow Taryn was still able to make the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Just being in her crystal-covered space is an experience in itself.

I haven’t even gone for my follow up session yet and I am already thrilled! I now look like I have gorgeous natural, full brows. Taryn is an absolute miracle worker.”

~ Cee S.

Allocation of Funds

I am launching this crowdfund campaign with FBF because although I have achieved a wealth of knowledge through my own research, I need more to achieve my vision’s full potential.  To now, Spirit has solely led me. I’m ready to incorporate solid business practices to concrete the foundation and create and facilitate more spaces for collective healing. The funds that we’re raising on Fund Black Founders will help us to scale the business in several ways. 

Funds will be allocated toward:

  • Hiring key positions
  • outfitting and expanding the studio space and offerings
  • create events and workshops for the community
  • produce digital content for my monthly membership platform launching in 2020.

Everyone has a purpose.  Everyone has magick. My purpose is to awaken the magick within you and help you bring it to the surface for everyone to see.

Thank You!

We appreciate your time and support!

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