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The Blackout Coalition Pitch Competition Show

Calvin August 10, 2020 at 7:17 pm
Pledged of $25,000 goal
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A live PITCH COMPETITION TV series featuring the Blackout team, Black Owned Businesses, and millions of Buy Black enthusiasts — including you!

Are you a Black owned business destined to be THE NEXT big thing?

The BlackOutDay Coalition in partnership with FundBLACKFounders is hosting a live pitch competition where entrepreneurs get the opportunity to pitch their company live to 1.8 million people and win $7k.  BlackoutDay Coalition & FundBLACKFounders will invite its community of 1.8 Million followers to watch 7 companies pitch live.

Pitch Your Business Live to the entire Blackout Day Community ! This is your opportunity to pitch 1.8 million judges & win $7k

Looking for EMERGING BLACK-OWNED Businesses to support with your $$$

The BLACKOUT Day Fund & TV series was created to give aspiring Black entrepreneurs a platform to present their innovative ideas and raise capital for their businesses. The BLACKOUT Day Fund and TV Show isn’t just another reality TV series. It’s an opportunity for black founders to engage the community while giving other aspiring entrepreneurs valuable insight into how to pitch their businesses. We are supporting Black entrepreneurship, in public spaces, in real-time, and inviting the greater Black community to participate. 

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Black buying power is expected to hit $1.5 trillion by 2021. But Only 3 percent of that buying power is spent at Black-owned businesses.  With COMMUNITY support and the power of group economics, we can FUND our own innovations!  

We are funding these innovations through Crowdfunding on FundBLACKFounders, a rewards crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping Black Entrepreneurs secure capital to start or grow business ventures.  

Each episode features Black-Owned business pitching in hopes of funding in front of judges and supporters.

The BLACKOUT Live Pitch Competition show engages viewers to decide the next big Black-Owned business. Using the digital reach of the proven BLACKOUT team, the BLACKOUT DAY Pitch Competition TV SHOW makes the support of Black entrepreneurship a family event. Discover emerging Black entrepreneurs putting everything on the line to create products and services for the culture and the world. 

The Show: Black Founders apply to pitch their businesses on the TV series. After reviewing applications, The BLACKOUT team selects the top 7 businesses. These selected founders get up close and personal with the BLACKOUT team, celebrity guest judges and the entire Black community via a live virtual pitch. 

The Funding: During the live pitch, the viewers vote for the companies they feel should be part of the new Black Wall Street. 

The top #7 finalists will compete to receive one of three $7,000 cash prizes !


With COMMUNITY support, The Fund will provide both immediate and long-term relief to Black Entrepreneurs. A new study by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research found that 41% of all Black businesses closed permanently between the months of February & April.

How this works 

Everyone in the community needs to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign.  Every little bit counts – we are aiming for each person to contribute $25 or more.  




What is Crowdfunding 

Contributions to this campaign will solely be used to fund the monetary awards going to the pitch winners.

Once the campaign hits the first 25K we will host the first live pitch competition where the entire community gets to watch businesses pitch live & vote on which business they want to see win.

Why Are we Doing this & Why this is important

Black Owned businesses are underfunded.  less the 1% receive + banks say no

41% of Black Owned Businesses Closed

As a collective we are taking matters into our own hands and together we can fund our Businesses.  

Competition Details 

Only U.S. based companies’ pitch applications will be considered.


7 finalists, 3 minutes to pitch & 4 minutes for Q&A.


The event will be live streamed to millions.

Top three finalist chosen by the community will win the competition and be awarded $7k each 

Companies actively crowdfunding on FundBLACKFounders are not eligible to compete.


Application deadline to pitch is _________TBA___________


Final event will be held on _________TBA____________

7 Winners will get to pitch live to 1.8 Million Members of the Black Out Day Community

3 Winners chosen by the community to win $7k each

How to apply to PITCH: 

  1. Click here to submit your application
  2. Share the campaign with everyone and anyone
  3. Contribute to the campaign
  4. Continuously repeat steps 2 & 3


Voting will be conducted via a facebook poll.  The poll will be live for 7 days giving the entire community the opportunity to choose the top 3 winners to receive $7k each. 

Apply here for your chance to pitch and win !

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