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Khadijah August 31, 2020 at 8:13 am
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What is Nile?

Nile is a digital platform that connects online shoppers with thousands of Black-owned ecommerce brands. Users can browse, search, filter and shop thousands of Black-owned ecommerce brands for one of the fastest and most pleasurable Black-owned online shopping experiences available… and we’ve got discount codes on top of that! This campaign is going to help us build our next piece of technology that follows you across the web and helps you buy Black wherever you’re shopping. Join our Founders Club and back our campaign now!

Now for Nile

None of us could have predicted the course that 2020 would run. When we started building Nile in 2019, we didn’t have a crystal ball. We couldn’t have predicted the murder of George Floyd or the resurgence of Black Lives Matter. There was no way to know that COVID-19 was coming through like a wrecking ball for Black-owned businesses. 

The Nile List is a solution to helping you find Black-owned businesses online

All we had was a passion for supporting Black-owned businesses and the drive to create a platform that would better allow online shoppers to do that. And, we had a Google spreadsheet! Almost overnight, this platform that we’ve worked so hard to build and build right has gone from a passion to a necessary purpose. Folks all over the country are looking for ways to buy Black, and they are finding Nile as the perfect answer. 

Mission & Current Capabilities 

Users can browse, search, and filter through thousands of Black-owned ecommerce brands for one of the fastest and most pleasurable Black-owned online shopping experiences available. 

The Nile Lists already lists over 2300 Black-owned businesses in its easy-to-use directory

Our site puts the ease in Black-owned online shopping. And we’re just getting started. Backing our campaign will get us closer to rolling out our next solution. Which means, you won’t even have to visit our site for us to help you buy Black online!

The Nile List users and Nile business owners love our platform

Not to mention, we’re giving you connections that you can trust. We have reviews & ratings, we have social media connections for businesses, we have information about the founders and business ethos. We’re taking the guesswork out of trying dope new Black-owned businesses.

Press features

We’ve gotten amazing coverage about our hard work for Black businesses. Check it out here.

Display of The Nile List's press mentions from publications such as The Grio and CNBC


Display of The Nile List's traction from March 2020 to July 2020 with a 5300% increase in users

We have started with the directory aspect of our site in order to prove that there is demand for this solution in the market, and the results have been overwhelming –  we have hit almost 85,000 monthly users on our site in just 6 months of operation.

Use of Funds

Explanation of how The Nile List will use its campaign funds

Our next step is bigger, will take us further, and will take thousands of Black-owned businesses with us. We’re about to build out technology that will help you buy Black with just a few clicks, even when you’re not on our site. We are ready to grow, but we need your help to do it. Now, Nile is launching this incentive-based crowdfunding campaign on the Black-owned platform FundBlackFounders. The money that we raise in this campaign will help us build our new tech, make technical and design improvements to our platform, protect our IP, grow our team so that we can onboard thousands more Black-owned brands, and so much more. 

We have never viewed ourselves as just a directory. We’ve viewed Nile as a conduit to Black-owned businesses online. We want to build a true community for Black entrepreneurs to access resources, investment, and information that will help them grow. And we want to further ease the process of buying Black by deploying technological solutions, such as our database, a browser solution, a marketplace, and more. In essence, we want to support everybody Black.


Backers of our campaign get the dopest rewards. You can back as a user to get products and discounts, or back as a business owner in order to get amazing exposure for your business.

Our discount code sponsors include dope brands like Mike D’s BBQ, Products by Lizzie, The Honey Wine Co, Smell Good Spa, Harrison Blake Apparel, and more! The dope Black businesses sponsoring the product giveaways for our Platinum Level Nil-vigators and Nile Patrons include Naja Teas, Southern Elegance Candle Co, Mike D’s BBQ, Perfect Blue Alchemy, and more!

Incentives for users to back Nile's crowdfunding campaign

Incentives for users to back Nile's crowdfunding campaign

Incentives for business owners to back Nile's crowdfunding campaign

Incentives for business owners to back Nile's crowdfunding campaign

Why Crowdfunding?

Photo of Nile users and Nile business owner Stephanie of Oh-mazing Foods

Only .0006% of venture capital funds have gone to Black women in the last decade. As a Black-woman founded startup, Nile is fighting to secure the same resources and opportunities that other startups get to build their businesses and prove that they have scalable concepts. Except, we aren’t just fighting for ourselves — we’re fighting for every single one of the thousands of small Black-owned businesses that we highlight and support on our platform. We’re fighting for the Black consumers who we believe deserve easy access to products that serve and reflect them. And we’re fighting for a society that values diversity in entrepreneurship and products. 

Crowdfunding allows us to get the resources we need to build Nile into a true one-stop-shop for Black-owned shopping, and to better introduce the internet to the amazing brands we serve. Nile’s founder, Khadijah, has funded Nile almost solely through her own money, and now asks that you help make Nile the best that it can be. Our Nile family has already brought us so far in just 6 months. It’s time to get on the Nile wave!

Our Founder

Biography of The Nile List founder Khadijah Robinson

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