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TheBraidReleaser is a new tool that keeps hair from breaking when you take down your braids.

Saraa Green June 9, 2020 at 9:33 pm
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When taking out braided styles, it can take hours and you can lose your hair. Rat tooth combs, tired fingers, you’ve tried it all (especially with braided protective styles becoming the new norm). But never before has there been a tool specifically designed to  create a pain-free braid takedown experience and to speed up the process while decreasing breakage.

Unlike a pointy rat tooth comb, it glides through your braids to create a pain-free, time efficient, braid take down experience.  Designed by adidas FW Developer Saraa Green,  TheBraidReleaser keeps your fingers comfortably positioned, and is double sided to accommodate smaller and larger sized braids.

It was created with you in mind, to improve the experience of braid removal for women of color and parents who maintain their daughters’ hair.  Order one for yourself, your aunties, your girlfriends, and anyone who deserves an easier braid take down experience.


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Risks and challenges

Our team has made sure the tool is safe to use and has tested the product out in the market. We will also make sure that it is communicated to our consumer to keep out of reach children younger then 12 years of age. The material used is safe on skin and hair.

Long-lasting design

The material is impact resistant; therefore, if the tool were to fall on the floor or stepped on, it will be intact.


Production delays due to COVID-19. All orders will be shipped out September 30. Currently, we are only shipping within the US and CA. Thank you for your patience. We will ensure you will receive your orders in a timely matter.

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