Wins For Black Girls

Wins For Black Girls is a text alert platform that shares positive news about Black women.

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Wins For Black Girls is a text alert platform that shares positive news about Black women.

The alert is free for subscribers and delivered right to your phone.

Our texts celebrate a range of Black Girl wins in entrepreneurship, education, politics, sports, culture, and everyday successes.

Our platform cheers for Black women when they get a new job or promotion, launch a new business, break a new barrier or run for office.

We cover influential people such as Stacey Abrams, Beyoncé and Issa Rae, as well as, women who get the job done every day like your mom, your sister and your best friend.

Unlike most of the noise on your phone, this is the alert you want. Our positive news alerts inspire and uplift you. We remind you of the power and endurance of Black women. We give you the boost to keep striving for your goals.

Wins For Black Girls is the go-to source for positive news about Black women.

Why Positivity Matters?

Studies show that consistent positive media portrayals lead to higher self-esteem, gratitude, and generosity.


We must know and celebrate every single one of those wins. We are breaking new barriers and gaining momentum. 

Wins For Black Girls is here to amplify the victories. 

We are taking advantage of the opportunity to fill the void of positive news through the lens of Black women. Though often marginalized, Black women can shape the depiction of how we see ourselves and how the world sees us.

Wins For Black Girls is taking back the narrative and documenting our rise!

Our platform is for Black women and those invested in the upliftment and expansion of Black women. We want women and young girls across the world to have access to our powerful and insightful content.

Why are we crowdfunding?

Our text alert platform is the foundation of our community. Yet, it is only the beginning. 

We are crowdfunding to grow our business, increase our brand awareness and expand our technological capabilities so we can create more positive Black Girl news.

In 2020, we are expanding our content to publish new and original stories about the success of Black women, launching a podcast, hosting events and creating a mobile app. 

With these funds, we will hire content writers and editors, purchase podcasting and video equipment and connect with thousands of women to grow our audience. 

Meet the Team

Tierra Smith is an award-winning journalist and the founder of Wins For Black Girls. She earned a Bachelor’s from Grambling State University and a Master’s from Louisiana State University. She reports on a range of topics such as breaking news, local and community news, sports, politics, business, entrepreneurship, transportation, economic development and commercial real estate. She has interned and worked for a number of publications across the U.S. including the Salt Lake Tribune, the Denver Post, the Tampa Bay Times, Community Impact Newspaper and Bisnow. She currently works as a digital content producer for KPRC 2 in Houston. 

Tierra tells the stories of marginalized communities. In her three-part series published while studying abroad in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, she highlighted the triumphs and challenges of female journalists and their pursuit of truth in a government censored media environment. She also covered many minority-focused issues, such as the economic impact of Ramadan, the Black impact on the sharing economy and the maternal mortality for Black women.

Jasmine Kendrick is the digital strategist for Wins For Black Girls. Jasmine knows how to make brands grow. From concept to growth, she takes a brand and stabilizes it within the marketplace. Jasmine embraces technology to help brands expand their digital footprint, improve engagement and increase sales. She manages social media brands, develops digital and advertising campaigns and creates websites and other content. She graduated from Valdosta State University in Georgia and is the founder of Penny Lane Projects. 

Let’s change the narrative together! 

Wins For Black Girls embraces the power, the influence, and the magic of Black women. 

We celebrate the daily truth of perseverance, dedication, and inspiration. 

Check out our exclusive rewards and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign today.

Your support of our campaign grants you lifetime access to Wins For Black Girls.

This is only the beginning of what Wins For Black Girls will accomplish.

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  1. Being One Smart Sista

    Hi, I am a Black woman and I love your project! I am curious about how you find your stories? I would love to have my nonprofit organization featured in your text alerts.


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